How can i get ABs while in powerlifting?

I’m a lifter, and a thrower in track. my weight fluctuates between 185-195. Ive been lifting for a few years, but i still do have a good layer of fat over my mid-section. My Extremities have no visible signs of fat, but my belly has a large build-up of it. In lifting, we condition everyday, and then i do my lifts. I do AB workouts, but not on a very regular basis. i’m also a good healthy eater, although im not very strict to it. My goal is to get a 6 pack. any suggestions? Should i run a lot and start eating healthier foods? Also, not many exercises get my heart rate to the right zone. The only one that i can actually get to get my blood pumping is running or a variation of it. On my stomach, i do have a layer of abs, but they are covered by a layer of fat. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
P.S. I did some calculations, and my body is evidently 22.12% body fat. i do not know if the math was wrong, so if this number is incredibly high, thats why.

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