can you get legalized in the U.S. by marriage?

my best friend lives in the US illegally. She wants to marry her boyfriend but shes scared that if she does, they will deport her. Is this true?
i know that before, you could marry someone here and you would start a process to becom legal. but we heard that its not like that anymore..

she’s not marrying him for that.. i mean it’s a plus, but they do love eachother and want to start their lives together..

and can they do this by her leaving the country and then him trying to get her to come back into the country leagally so that they can get married? thats something we heard..

shes planning on going to her country to go to college since she cant afford it here.. and then they will be seperated because her bf (or should i say fiancee) is joining the military.

any suggestions? or does anyone know ab out how this works??


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